Here at Music Xray we don't always hear about all the success stories because once an artist and an industry professional are in touch they do deals directly. We don't get involved. We don't take a cut and we don't have any way of tracking those deals either.

If you have a success story you'd like to share with us please send us an email to

Music Artists Success Stories and Testimonials - Page 2

Music Xray Artists on Revolver Underground Radio

Revolver Underground Music
Revolver Underground exists with the main goal of allowing independent artists to get their music heard by music enthusiasts. They bring talent, otherwise unheard to the masses on a global scale via the internet and terrestrial radio stations. Revolver also offers affordable solutions to image, marketability, playability, professionalism, and general business sensibility. In their pursuit of the best indie bands and artists they decided to post an opportunity on Music Xray. Here are the artists from Music Xray that are now part of Revolver Underground: Amycanbe, Breezy, Debbie Goodman, Infliction, Miss Marie, Nadine Stern and Stiletto Ghetto.

Currently Revolver Underground has enough music and is not taking in new submissions but you can check out their profile here.

Marissa Diblasio Signs with Two Music Professionals

Marissa Diblasio Success
Marissa Diblasio is a songwriter who is off to a great start with Music Xray. She was nice enough to drop us an email letting us know about here recent success which we are excited about as well. "Hi, I signed a single song contract with a Music Licensing Firm based in Los Angeles for my song Stop Messin' With My Mind. I also signed a contract with Sean Guerrier De Bey for my song I'm Fine for his Kino Kiongivi project. On a number of other songs, I've had professionals let me know they are going to keep my song on file for consideration on future projects, and that's a great feature of this service, since it allows for relationships to be built. Can't wait to see what the future holds for music xray, you guys are off to a fantastic start!" This is just great news and all of us are excited to see what the future holds for Marissa!

Sober at 63 and Making Connections

Savvy Muzik
Tommy Botz is 63 years old and is finding his way in the music world at a time when some might call it quits. He also had his own struggles to deal with and overcome and he was nice enough to share this with us along with his recent success through using Music Xray. "There were points in my life where I was going to give up, but music saved my life," said Botz, 63, a 1966 Maple Heights High School graduate. "I've been at the Ed Keating Center for seven years. Early on, I saved money up and was debating whether I should move out and get my own apartment or go for my dream, which was to record some of the 200 songs I've written through the years. Eventually, I got ahold of Michael Seifert at Ante Up Audio, gave him my vision of what I wanted to do, and he helped me get together with the musicians. "(Credit given to John Benson Entertainment writer for The Plain Dealer newspaper)

Botz was happy to share the details of his success with us in working with the music industry professionals at Music Xray. His main connection starting out was signing a record and distribution agreement with Savvy Muzik in Australia Botz says "I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to have my music heard by people, and I am so happy to have the support of the SavvyMuzik gang down under in Sydney". Tommy has continued his success with a publishing agreement with "Memories of Memphis" in Nashville for my Johnny Cash tribute song ''Train of Glory". He also signed a licensing agreement with "Noteborn Music" in Michigan for my entire CD.

Although the last two success points were not on Music Xray we are glad to help him get the ball rolling with the connection with Savvy to help move him towards his dream of making it in Nashville.

Fly Flow Entertainment - BET 106 & Park Show Selections

Fly Flow Entertainment

Charles Wilson of Fly Flow Entertainment is an Artist/Producer and Manager. He is looking for talented artists for the BET 106 & Park show. The artists he is looking for must have "unique and different with your talent and a great stage presence" He found a round of artists that he has selected who will need to make it through the next stages to be selected for the show. Good luck to all of these artists: ProVerb - Inspiration feat Brian Temba, Ghiche - Wiggle, K-Squeez - The Big Picture Ft. Anna Stevenson, Ghiche - Wiggle and Saiah - Said So.

Check out Charles's latest opportunities here.

Off The Chart Radio (UK) Finds Great New Music

Off The Chart Radio (UK) Finds Great New Music
Jay Adkins from Off The Chart Radio is a presenter on an internet radio station in the UK with a weekly show transmitted around the world. And as he said, "My role is to find 'The Next Big Thing' and I like to think I do this each weekend between 4-7pm on the world biggest unsigned music show. So could you help me out are you the next big thing??? ". He is currently taking submissions for his weekly 3 Hour unsigned music show "The N.U.A". Here is the list of artists on Music Xray that he has selected: Heather Pierson - Make It Mine, Porterhouse - Open Road, Tom Block - Galaxies, Chris Gilham - Bummer, Bela Lugosi - Don't Worry About Me, The Firegod - Because Of You, Kevin Mongelli - The Sunrise Waltz and The Robert Deller Band - Red Sunglasses.

Check out Jay's latest opportunities here.

Jon Henninger connects with Dennis Gelbaum

Radio Play on American Veterans Radio
After submitting his song We Will Stand to Dennis Gelbaum, artist Jon Henninger has had his song placed on American Veterans Radio where it is currently in rotation. Additionally, the station had Jon on to play his song live to the world! Congratulations Jon!.

Check out the latest opportunities from Dennis Gelbaum here.

Citation Records Selects Multiple Artists to Pursue Further

Citation Records Success
Citation Records has been around for some time now and their Music Xray account manager and support staff agree with what they have posted on their profile "Citation Records was founded with the mission to be the most artist-friendly independent record label, built on fairness, simplicity, and good music." We have seen that with their team and they have been great to work with. When they originally started to work with us they wanted to try the Song to Opportunity Match(S2O). They also wanted to find truly original songs as well. So the solution was simple, they opened up one drop box for the S2O submissions and one for general submissions for songs that did not match.

There are multiple artists that they have selected to pursue further cooperation with for film, television, music-oriented advertising, and/or the Citation Records Compilation Vol. 2. In addition they also have connections with radio programming directors and others in their network of industry partners. Here is the list of artists: Jamie Kent - Games, Eric Shelby - Seven & Seven, Hills Rolling (Trey McGriff)- Watching Waves, James Munro - Devotion Through Sound, VETTE - Radio, Fallen Riviera - The Mention of Me, Jamie Kent - Games, Simon Fagan - Plastic Compass, The Get Along Gang - Better Than This, Orange Free State - Was It You?, Sinematica - Decadent World, Juanu Haedo - Goodbye Lover, 44 Digs - Silent Crook, Christy Craig - CONTEMPLATION with Acoustic Violin, Jordan Reyne - the Machines of B, and Dave Stephens - Home.

Check out the latest opportunities from Citation Records here.

Musicians Connect With the Quebec Music Scene for Touring, Publicity and Advice

Quebec Music Scene Catherine Villeneuve is a PR Agent and President of 4Comm. Through her experience over the years she knew that if she made contact with the right bands and artists that she can help those on tour in Canada and ones in the local market. She has made connections with the following Music Xray artists through her Music Xray drop box: Amanda Blush - One In A Million, Glo - Move Along, Tasting Grace - Hold My Breathe and The Resignators RAGE. Glad to see the connections were made and the best of luck to these artists and bands as Catherine works out what she can do for them.

Check out Catherine's latest opportunities here.

Great Unknowns Podcasts with Music Xray Artists

Great Unknowns

The Great Unknowns Presents features independent music artists and bands. Each artist that is selected is featured on The Great Unknowns Presents and All Indie Magazine. The Great Unknowns Presents was established in 2009 and has become one of the fastest growing podcasts on the internet with over 71,000 subscribers. Mikey Jayy is the man behind the scenes and the one upfront hosting great interviews along with playing new cutting edge music from some really good artists. Artists that he has interviewed and played from Music Xray include: ABM, The Analog Affair, Andrew Ryan, Ayana John, Brad Cash, BREN, Crimson Faced, Darlingside, Darnell Wright, DevonSol, Jamie Kent, Jennifer Grassman, Jewelzz Patrick, Latch Key Kid, The Locals, Mary Sarah, Nobody Gets Killed, Peter Doran, Phantom Black, Rena Wren, Suzie Rose, Von Grey, Volary, Alta Mira and Black Shades.

Check out Mikey Jayy's latest opportunities go here and here.

Women of Substance Latest Airplay

Women of Substance Airplay