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Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum music producer, A&R exec, songwriter, musician, and attorney who is currently A&R consultant for Atlantic Records (Warner).

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Is your band ready for the next step? Get developed by Jeff Blue.
Is your band ready for the next step? Jeff was responsible for signing Macy Gray, Hoobastank, Daniel Powter, Linkin Park, and recently he found a band called w.e.r.m. on Music Xray and after working with them in his studio and doing some co-writing, Jeff got them signed to Universal Republic. S...  Learn More
One hour phone consultation & coaching
Please submit your best material and provide links to where I can hear and learn more. Also, in the message section of your submission, please indicate your primary areas of concern and challenges you perceive in your career. I will carefully consider your music, image, style, talent and skill a...  Learn More

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Quick phone consult, leading to personalized workshop at my home   ...
Recently, I began inviting promising bands / acts to LA where we spend a few days to a week working together, co-writing, recording and preparing an act for a career-launching event. All but one act I've worked with in recent memory have secured a major deal after these sessions. For this oppor...  Learn More
Get a professional song critique from Jeff Blue
Jeff can help break your career and get your songs to the next level. He says, "I will critique your song. I have the unique ability to actually communicate in direct&musical terms, how to make your songs even better than they are." Jeff is a true opportunity maker and his attention to the deta...  Learn More
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