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Robyn Taylor-Drake Catalog Manager - Trio Productions, Inc

Located in Nashville, we pitch to major recording artists & record labels. We're looking for street ready songs as well as singers & songwriters looking for honest / caring feedback, support, & development ~ 'a place at the table'.

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Available Opportunities

Is My Song Ready to Be Demod?
work tapes only please!!! Sometimes we get already produced demos which makes it very hard if not impossible to go back and make tweaks, changes, or corrections a publisher requests. A great track will not make up for a poorly written song with a mediocre melody or lyric. If you're not sure your ...  Learn More
Country Radio Hits! Single song pub deal offered for the right   ...
Songs for major country acts (male or female). Interesting melodies and lyrics that make sense & take you on an emotional journey. It can be happy or sad and in between, but we want to be moved. We are looking for tempo /uptempo and always SEND A LYRIC WITH YOUR SUBMISSION! Ballads are discoura...  Learn More
Seeking Newgrass
Please include a lyric! Looking for harmony driven melodies with an edge and lyrical content must be relatable. Old time sounds are okay as long as the lyric / story is interesting and compelling. Newgrassis preferred to folk or hard core bluegrass. FYI, adding a banjo, in our opinion, does n...  Learn More
Seeking Hit Songs for Country Artists
SEND LYRIC WITH SUBMISSION! Original songs with singable lyric, interesting melodies, and great grooves. Topically authentic & emotionally relatable but NOTHING preachy. Mid & uptempo preferred. DEMO ~ Piano or guitar vocals are fine but we insist on a lyric with your submission. If we find som...  Learn More
Seeking Acoustic Instrumentation / Roots Music for TV & Film
Roots music with cool vibe, groove, & lyrical depth ~ (no beginnings of lines with the same phrase over and over...) Melodies should be memorable. Somebody please crack the mold & shake things up. Pop or folk/rock feel ok. It's very competitive, so nothing but your BEST!!!! PLEASE Include a LYRIC...  Learn More
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