Lionel "Luciano Illuminati" White
Founder/CEO of SPOIO / program director - SPOIO

I am the Founder/CEO of SPOIO and program director. www.SPOIO.com/radio

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Available Opportunities

New Indie Rock
New Indie Rock is looking for new indie rock music with something original to say with freeform creativity. We don't want that major label crap that copies some other band like Greta Van Fleet. We want the real deal rock from the heart. Streaming on www.spoio.com/newindierock- Lionel "Luciano Ill...  Learn More
WeFunked | Music & Social Media Promotion
Music & Social media promotion on Spotify, Soundcloud, Radio, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and Tik Tok.
ThatHotness Radio is seeking Hot Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM & Rock   ...
ThatHotness Radio is seeking Hot Pop, Hot Hip Hop, Hot R&B, Hot EDM & Hot Rock Music. This station streams online on our website, Radionomy.com, and Radionomy Android, Apple, Sonos, Roku & Windows apps. We need a lot of hot tracks. ThatHotness is a multi-talent competition that our agent is activ...  Learn More
Get Your YouTube Video Promoted on FreeRockRadio.com
FreeRockRadio.com will post your YouTube Rock music video on our site in up to 3 categories based on the type of rock it is. We accept indie rock, alternative, pop rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, metal and roots / Americana. We will also include it in one of our YouTube Playlists lo...  Learn More
Get Promotion of Your Soundcloud Track
We will get Soundcloud plays sent to your track from our huge partner list that includes music promoters, DJ's, online radio stations, playlists and various other parties. Tracks must be more than 1 minute of length. Your track will be played almost entirely by people with accounts from the Unite...  Learn More
FreeRockRadio.com Seeking Music
FreeRockRadio.com plays all types of rock songs from the 1950s to the present. You'll hear anything from Luciano Illuminati to Led Zeppelin to Fall Out Boy to Joan Jett to Jimi Hendrix to Rage Against the Machine to Rachel Platten. Everything Rock N Roll. This station streams online on our websit...  Learn More
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