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Kolade Olamide C.E.O - Broadpals Music

Launched in 2014 by prolific songwriter Kolade Olamide Ayodeji, Broadpals Music was created to promote artists through interviews, featuring their music, and more. Broadpals Music is made up of Broadtube, Broadpals, MusicFree Screen, WorkSender....

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Available Opportunities

Broadtube Vocal Contest
If the contestant is selected, the instrumentation of the song and lyrics will be sent to the vocalist while the vocalist is also free to come up with his or her instrumentation or sing the song in another style/genre, the final song by the singer will be used to enter the contest- - Song for th...  Learn More
Electronic Video Chart/Spotify Playlist
We will add your video on YouTube to Broadtube Electronic Chart on Broadtube Music blog and also to Electronic Spotify Playlist if your video is selected. - In the case your video is not selected, we will add it to Broadpals Electronic Chart on Broadpals Music blog and also to Broadpal Spotify ...  Learn More
WorkSender Radio Playlist
We promote your song by adding it to WorkSender Radio Playlist if your song is selected. It will also be added to WorkSender Spotify Playlist. "WorkSender Radio Playlist" - "WorkSender Spotify Playlist" -  Learn More
Broadtube iTunes Store
Get Listed On Broadtube iTunes Store Requirement – Genre, Artwork, iTune’s URL, Professionally Produced Song and Catchy Song. Artwork must be at least 250 X 250. Kolade Olamide - C.E.O - Broadpals Music
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