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Danny N Traynor Owner - Greathouse Publishing

Greathouse Publishing is a music publishing company based in Nashville, TN.

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Available Opportunities

Great Opportunity: Four Pluggers for One
I have joined in with other pluggers in Nashville to pitch material. We have decided to share contacts and tips for this project. Not only will I be pitching selected songs but other pluggers in this group will pitch them as well. Within this group we have direct contact with Labels, Artists, Man...  Learn More
Seeking Songs for TV and Film Placements
We have been successful working with a TV and Film company. The music supervisor has asked me for more material. Multiple genres and tempo are needed. If your song is not chosen for this pitch we may still include it in our catalog for other projects. Greathouse Publishing is a music publishing c...  Learn More
Lyric Submission
This opportunity is for lyricists. We will review your lyric and offer any that are chosen by our staff writers to add a melody if we feel your song could be better. This is a great opportunity to start a co-writing relationship. We are open to lyrics for country, pop, rock, and folk. You must su...  Learn More
Labels Are Begging For Something New
Labels are begging for something new, something different. We are looking for songs from writers who are uninhibited. Writers who think outside the box. Chance takers. Be the writer who starts the next trend. Male/Female - submit your best track(s) for consideration.Greathouse Publishing is a mu...  Learn More
Seeking Male & Female Pop Songs for Artist Pitches
We are looking for male and female Pop Songs. I have hired an additional song plugger specifically for this market. He is well connected in this genre. Additionally, If your song is not chosen but we hear potential, we will contact you with our thoughts. Many songs are only a line or minor melod...  Learn More
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