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We're an Independent, Creative Radio station that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers the overall Music world.

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Radio Submissions Possible Radio Play
We have to hear your music to see if it fits our broadcasting plan, when we review the music submissions it is not a guarantee the selections will receive playtime. We do accept all genres of music; the final selections are up to our program manager, we average about 80% acceptance of new music ...  Learn More
Need Music for Our Radio Station
Great News for the Musicians, we have surpassed the 4,000 listeners per month, that means we will have thousands of people from all over the world tuning into your music on Indie Radio Music. By sending your MP3’s Album art, Bio, and photo’s you are giving us permission to broadcast, exhibit, dis...  Learn More
Indie Radio Music looking for Your music
Indie Radio Music is seeking your music for basic promo, radio airplay and more. At you can catch the best blues, rock, pop, ska and independent shows. We may accept all or some of your music the submission is up to our program manager. Basic Promos are free, radio play, photo...  Learn More
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