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Dondi Dixon
General Partner - RTTM Music Group - rttmmusicgroup.com

(ASCAP & BMI) Music Publisher with many contacts in the US and overseas, we don't stop until we get you a placement.  WE ARE A COMPANY WORTH SUBMITTING TO!

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Available Opportunities

Seeking Calming, Sad, and Nostalgic Songs
We're in search for dreamy, emotional, and sad sounding recordings. Looking for songs to have well-crafted, breezy, light-hearted, emotionally sad melodies. Picture the song being used in a scene where someone could die or maybe even a final kiss. This Supervisor is searching for Down to Mid Temp...  Learn More
Pop-Rock Tracks Needed For Syncs
We’ve got a Music Supervisor who needs PopRock Songs for TV placements. The Supervisor is looking for Mid-to-Up-Tempo Songs (Contemporary or Vintage recordings can both work). This Music Supervisor is currently looking for PopRock-sounding Songs with authentic Rock band Instrumentation, solid son...  Learn More
TV Sports Broadcast
My contact with a media company licenses music to sit in database for producers to search, download and air on the fly. Selected music will receive a Gratis Master and Synchronization License Request which will have your music pre-cleared for producers to air on the fly. Any airing will pay royal...  Learn More
Seeking Fully Mixed Instrumentals POP/ROCK/FOLK/PIANO/CINEMATIC
POP/ROCK/FOLK/PIANO/CINEMATIC instrumentals for sync placements. rttmmusicgroup.com All tracks should be broadcast ready. Exclusive publishing opportunity so instrumentals cannot be in non-exclusive agreements or with music libraries. Check out links to get an idea of what we are looking for, th...  Learn More
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