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A&R Team
Head of A&R - Splash Galaxy

Splash Galaxy Music is a music publishing company working with the best songwriters, composers, lyricists, producers & artists on the planet.

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Available Opportunities

TV Shows (several) Seeking Hip-Hop Immediately - Pays $1-2k on   ...
Looking for catchy, modern hip-hop beats, sounds, samples, and rap tracks for several TV shows immediately. These shows all pay an all-in sync fee of $1k to $2k on average and for beatmakers and rappers with access to a studio it's a great way to land a few paying syncs. Non-exclusive licenses ...  Learn More
Publishing Administration Deal for Songwriters Who Perform   ...
Splash Galaxy Music is looking to sign publishing administration deals with actively gigging and touring bands, singer-songwriters, solo acts, rappers, and more. We have developed a proprietary backend catalog management system that is superb, and will allow our clients to write and perform witho...  Learn More
Publishing Deal For Songwriters
We are simply looking for hit songs. We'll only sign publishing deals with songwriters who can deliver hit songs for radio. Once signed, you will have access to our network of producers and artists who need your songs for singles and albums delivered to independent and major record labels. If ...  Learn More
Film Music Needed - Library Music, TV Themes, Etc.
Splash Galaxy Music is looking for plenty of film / ad / TV music, ready to go, and MASTERED is preferred. We can easily place good payoff tracks with unique hooks and drops, feasible endings, and generally introversive music. We'll favor solid instrumentals, as well as tracks with lyrics that ar...  Learn More
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