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James Sanger Owner and C.E.O - Vibey Developments

James has worked in artist development as song-writer, producer and programmer for many years having been employed by music acts such as : U2, Dido, Phil Collins, Madonna, Sinead O'Connor, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Siobhan Donaghy

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Looking for something to do in 2021, something different and   ...
I have a residential studio in France, You can look at it via VibeyStudios. My last few projects include SpaceAcre, Phoenix O'Neil and Demons of Ruby Mae. I am credited with over 67 million record sales worldwide as an artist, an artist developer, song-writer, producer, programmer, engineer, in...  Learn More
'What I would do?' ......Detailed song critique with production   ...
Like it says in the title... I'll listen to your song and do my best to give you the best possible advice I can to help you get your song vibing ! I'm credited with over 67 million record sales worldwide as an artist, an artist developer, song-writer, producer, programmer, engineer, instrumental...  Learn More
Free 10 day tryout songwriting session at my studio in France!
My name is James Sanger, I am a songwriter, artist developer, producer and programmer. I’ve helped many artists and bands record their music, I hardly believe it myself but my work has won 4 Brit Awards, I've sold more than 67 million records and I’ve had 17 Top Ten Albums so far…! Anyhow, I’m ...  Learn More
Songwriters! Looking for songwriters to write with for artists in   ...
I am looking for songwriters to come to the studio and write with artists that I have in development! The weirder, stranger, more innovative the better! Looking for the beautiful, unusual and quirky!.. don't hold back... I'm looking for songwriters, not so much for songs, because the writer wo...  Learn More
New artist development projects, artists or bands
I'm looking for new artist development, production, mixing and re-mixing projects for the new year ... If you have any serious recommendations get in touch. I love making records, if you are innovative, musically different and interesting please send me a demo! Indie pop, ambient, electro. (not...  Learn More
Looking for bands for development opportunties
Vibey Studios is looking for bands for development opportunities in USA We are looking for bands with strong material and image in the alternative indie rock genre' We are looking to find the next 'Tame impala, Radiohead, Florence and the Machine, Empire Of The Sun, MGMT, Warpaint, Chvrches, S...  Learn More
Looking for Singer / Songwriter Artists for Development   ...
Vibey Studios is looking for singer songwriter artists for development in America We are looking for artists with strong material and image in the acoustic 'singer songwriter indie pop rock alternative' sub genre We are looking to find the next 'Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Ed Sheeren, Ellie Goulding, ...  Learn More
Song Critiques and Production advice from award winning artist   ...
James has been involved in the early stages the careers of 'Dido', 'Keane' ,'Siobhan Donaghy', 'Melanie C' and many others...as a programmer, artist developer, writer or producer. His work having won 3 Brit awards, (2 of for best new album) and many Grammys. James's extensive client list includ...  Learn More
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