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Development, production and management by two world class producers...
submission price: $25.00
Payout: $100K+

Development, production and management by two world class producers...

Hi there,
Paul Kilmister and James Sanger are two 25 year plus veterans of the music industry, Between them James and Paul have worked on more than a hundred million records!

Paul Inder Kilmister has been a pop, rock and roll enigma, from birth. The son of John Lennon's first girlfriend, Patricia Inder and Lemmy Kilmister from legendary British rock band Motörhead. Paul has been with music all his life... So far in his career Paul has vibed with a vast and wide collection of well known and established music luminaries...

James Sanger is credited with over 67 million record sales worldwide as an artist, an artist developer, song-writer, producer, programmer, engineer, instrumentalist or mixer. His work has won 4 Brit awards, 18 Grammys, 2 Ivor Novello, and he has had 17 Top 10 Albums, 11 Top 5 Albums and 5 Top 5 singles so far...

We are the real deal... if you are serious about your music then get in touch.

DO NOT waste our time, we are not interested in 'hobby-ists' ... you have to have talent... songs... and the resources to make it happen... that means money for travel, promotion, recording, production, etc et etc... we are simply not interested in funding the making of records only for you to upload them to youtube/spotify at 0.0000000000006 cents a spin... You have to be able to play, tour, record and sing. You have to make a brilliant noise worth our time and attention!..... if you have all this then submit...

- James Sanger & Paul Inder Kilmister - Artist Development/Management/Production - SangMister