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Seeking New Artists For Worldwide Digital Distribution Opportunity
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $501 - $1,000

Song Submission - Publishing and Distribution

We are actively seeking new artists to join our roster.

Selected artists will be offered a worldwide digital distribution deal. What you'll get: lifetime unlimited free access to our digital distribution platform for sending your current and future releases to the top major digital platforms (such as iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay, etc.)

Opened to all genres, but recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered. No drafts, demos or rough mixes.

Please submit your best material for consideration.

-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

new $500 for your next single release – it’s that simple.
submission price: $20.00
Payout: $501 - $1,000

$500 for your next single release – it’s that simple.

If you are planning to release a new track in the next few months, then we would like to help you promote it AND give you $500 for it.

How does it work?

If you have a new track being released in the next few months, all you need to do is...
1) Submit an EXISTING TRACK to us today. This is so we can give you the thumbs up on the quality of you as an artist and give you the go ahead on your future track.
2) In the coming months when your new track is ready, you will need to contact us (we’ll give you the contact details)
3) At that time, you will need to upload your new content to YouTube (Can be a full video, lyric video or even just a stationary image video) – We can help you with any of these if you need assistance.
4) Tell us the video is ready and we will put it up on our new platform, Concerto XL, where fans will pay to watch your content (for which you will get all the money) and…
5) We will give the best performing track $500. And don’t worry “best performing” is NOT just views, its all about feedback, track quality etc, so if you have a small fan base, you absolutely can still get the $500.

It really is as simple as that.

So right now, to be given the greenlight, you need to just submit an EXISTING TRACK and if we like what we hear, we will give you the thumbs up and you will be on your way to $500.

Tracks can be….
Alternative, Blues, Childrens Music, Christian & Gospel, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Hip-Hop, Holiday, Indie, Industrial, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, Metal, New Age, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rap, Reggae, Rock, and World. Tracks with vocals (of course) as well as instrumentals.

I am sure $500 plus for your next track will be very welcome given how tough times still are for many artists.

Last date for submissions to get yourself $500 plus a load of exposure is is the 22nd of October 2021.

- Stuart Cheese / One Night Stand / Concerto-XL