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Jeremie Varengo
General Manager - JTV Digital

Global music company handling production, publishing, digital distribution and artist promotion / marketing, run by a music professional with solid experience in the digital music industry (music start-ups and major record label).

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Get A Publishing Deal
We are actively seeking new songwriters looking for a publishing deal.

Our company is registered as a publisher with Sacem in France and also operates a digital music distribution service.

Selected artists will be offered a publishing and digital distribution deal.

Recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered.

Preferred genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative, Indie/Indie Folk, EDM, World and any music that can crossover between moods.

Please submit your best material for consideration.

If your song is selected you will be contacted by private message through the Music Xray interface.


-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

- Jeremie Varengo - President - JTV Digital
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