New Music Review in Music Connection Magazine

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Jackie Naranjo
Associate Editor - Music Connection

Since 1977, Music Connection has been on a mission is to inform and educate musicians and music pros on how to take the next step in their career. No matter how successful, we provide tips, tricks and advice for every part of the music industry

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New Music Review in Music Connection Magazine
Each month Music Connection reviews 12 artists in its "New Music Critiques" section of the magazine. If you are an artist without a record deal or major distribution, you may submit to be reviewed here. We will choose at least 2 artists from this pool each month to review, so make sure you fill out proper information.

• Must have at least 3 songs preparedto be reviewed (include a soundcloud/facebook/bandcamp/etc. link with your submission)
• Must not have a label / distribution deal in place
• Must not have been reviewed in Music Connection in the last 24 months
• Material must be less than 2 years old

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