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Mia Bajin
International Record Executive / Business Developer - Avala DSF Music Group LLC

Management executive with extensive experience in general business development, sports development and marketing of music artists, label development, and brand marketing on 5 continents.

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It's very simple. We save time and reach more stations than artists could, on their own.

Our lists cover around 90% of radio station contacts worldwide.

For example, in USA, there are aprox. 14,500 FM stations. We have around 14,000 contacts just in The States.

Artist sends a radio ready, mixed and mastered song, along with short biography, 4-5 pictures, and logo if possible.

We put together a nice looking e-mail, with pure facts about the artist, info on song that's being submitted and artists (or artists management contact information).

We believe that it's fair to keep artists direct contact public, so if radio stations want to reach out, they can reach out DIRECTLY to the artist.

Everything you need to know about our "Radio Blast":
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