Music for Fashion Campaign $2k - $5 per track.

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Alexander Johnston CEO, Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician - Grand Northern Group

Alexander Johnston is an Industry Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, Multi-Instrumentalist in both the UK and US who has an impressive CV which includes ground breaking band Mamma Freedom and JV Johnston, The Sonic Generals and Orchestral composing for

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Music for Fashion Campaign $2k - $5 per track.
Cool Tracks Wanted for Fashion Campaign

Our client is looking for an interesting, cool track for the upcoming campaign for fashion brand. While the visuals feature tropical scenes, young adults having fun and splashing in the sea, the creative team wants to stir away from the typical Summer banger. Tonally, the track should feel fun and energetic, while retaining a level of surprise and sophistication. The focus of this search is hitting the right tone, the track can be old, new, featuring female or male vocals. We are open to several directions, however something with a timeless, vintage inspired sound would contrast the visuals well.

Good luck and please DO NOT contact us directly or via Social Media as this will not be read or listened to.

Much Love
Grand Northern Sync
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