Large US Advertising Company wants Pop and Rock $2-$5k

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Alexander Johnston CEO, Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician - Grand Northern Group

Alexander Johnston is an Industry Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, Multi-Instrumentalist in both the UK and US who has an impressive CV which includes ground breaking band Mamma Freedom and JV Johnston, The Sonic Generals and Orchestral composing for

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Large US Advertising Company wants Pop and Rock $2-$5k
A large US advertising company is on the hunt for mid-to-up tempo pop and rock song for their 2024 campaigns and commercials.

If your music packs a punch and exudes contemporary rock vibes we want to hear it.

The best submission should showcase:

Authentic sounding rock instrumentation
Engaging, memorable melodies
Super catchy choruses that leave an impression
Strong Vocals

Good Luck!

Much Love
Grand Northern Sync
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