Radio Station seeking Indie songs for rotation on KGUP FM

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KGUP FM Radio Host / Founder - KGUP FM | Emerge Radio | Music Industry Professional

KGUP FM Emerge Radio is a full time 24/7 independent-mainstream radio station featuring the finest emerging independent music artists. If you don't want to be on just any indie radio station that plays just ordinary music, you're at the right place.

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Radio Station seeking Indie songs for rotation on KGUP FM
KGUP FM Emerge Radio is a fully licensed alternative-mainstream radio station featuring only the finest emerging independent music artists.

CALL TO ARTISTS: If you want your music to be heard on a station with 1 million listeners with the foresight to predict who are the next trending artists from the local music scene, then this station is for you!

Minimum Criteria: If it sounds like it belongs on the air, we will play it. Your tracks will be heard along side artists like LP, Bleachers, The Neighbourhood, Bleachers, BØRNS, Cher Lloyd, Minus the Bear, Foals, The Used, London Grammer, Matt Cardle, The Green Children, and many more!

Where your music will be heard: On our official website at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can hear the station on the TuneIn website and on the TuneIn Radio App available for FREE! The TuneIn Radio App is preinstalled in newer Tesla, Ford, Toyota, and Chevy vehicles. NOW, we're on 17 radio networks around the world!

KGUP Audience Overview:
Core age demographic: age 25-34 (34%), age 18-24 (27.5%), 35-44 (15%), Other combined (23.5%)

KGUP's Listener Geographic Market:
US - 43.75%
Europe - 37.50% Australia - 16%
Others combined - 2.75%

Why listen to KGUP?


KGUP FM Emerge Radio is a fully licensed radio station for royalty and performance licensing through ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, SESAC & SoundExchange. All music data and royalty and performance fees are reported to Stream Licensing, LLC.

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
Similar Sounding Artists: Cher Lloyd, Demi Lavato, Ed Sheeran, Tegan and Sara, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake Why supporting KGUP FM Emerge Radio matters
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