$5,500 payment per track for 2019 Hollywood Movie (Lon / NY) - ALL Genres required

Stuart Cheese Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand

I am the new Vice President of UK A&R for fast expanding UK label One Night Stand Music and also the CEO of How-to-market-music dot com. I love helping artists move forward and getting them in front of real decision makers.

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$5,500 payment per track for 2019 Hollywood Movie (Lon / NY) - ALL Genres required
A major Hollywood film production company is looking for music in a number of genres for one of its major features to be filmed next year in both London and New York. $5,500 per track / partial is waiting for every quality track that is selected.

Does your music have what it takes? Do you want your music in a major movie with a worldwide release?

Ultimately a Comedy Drama with complex twists and turns in the storyline as well as complex characters; Themes / emotions covered in this film include scenes of brevity / comedy, failure & success, love, loss, drama, anger and conflict.

Additional music will also be featured in a bar, shops, a restaurant, a hotel, numerous taxi rides, a nightclub, multiple cars and in various landmarks in New York and London.

We will be considering / selecting tracks with or without vocals plus partials / cues too and also beats.

We are specifically looking for Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip Hop / Rap, Blues, Jazz, Easy listening, Romantic Ballads, Metal, New Age / World, R&B, Country, Industrial, EDM, Beats, Classical and Soundtrack. At the end of the day, if a track blows us away, no matter the genre, then we will make sure the Music Supervisor on this production personally takes a listen too.

Three notes…
1 - $5,500 is waiting for you for each track chosen AND you can land multiple slots in this movie and therefore multiple payments. 2 - Submitting multiple tracks is always good, as it increases your chances of being selected AND it paints a better picture of your musically.
3 - Re-submitting previous tracks is also very smart, as if your tracks are great, then we want to be reminded of them.

We want / need QUALITY tracks for this movie!

So, if you want to land $5,500 for each track selected then all you need to do is SUBMIT TODAY!

Finally, as we always say, One Night Stand music will ALWAYS listen to every second of every track you submit (at least once, often more). We genuinely LOVE helping artists – It’s why One Night Stand Music exists.

Closing date for tracks is 19th of November 2018 – Don’t miss out on this one PLEASE.

- Stuart Cheese / One Night Stand
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