WHOMAG Distribution - now accepting new clients

Ifame tv
Rob Schwartz
CEO - WHOMAG Multimedia, Chetown Films, iFame TV

WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC is looking for music, concerts, and music videos to be aired nationwide on broadcast TV, satellite TV, smart TV, cell, and web. We own a variety of TV music shows reaching over 500,000,000 households each.

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WHOMAG Distribution - now accepting new clients
WHO?MAG Distribution is currently accepting new clients. Our current roster has over 150 clients including Young Jeezy, Trudy Lynn, WU-Tang, KRS-ONE & Just-Ice, Keith Murray, Steve Raze, Kool Keith, Anita Ward, Tina Guo, Head East, 8Ball & MJG, Choclair, Tazmania Records (dance label), many compilations, and many more. We specialize in hip-hop, R&B, dance, top 40, rock, classical, and comedy. If selected, your product (LP, EP, or single) will reach up to 700 digital retailers (including iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Emusic, and more) in up to 70 countries for a one-time flat fee of $150 (no reoccurring costs). WHO?MAG Distribution is derived from the international broadcast entertainment TV show WHO?MAG TV. Our clients benefit, not only from our enormous reach, but also from our brand from our broadcast TV programs, our frequent movie soundtrack placements, our own TV network, and our strong web/social media presence. Our reach and our value is untouchable to other distribution outlets. Please do your research and compare us before submitting your project. Thank you, David
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