Target Stores: Nationwide Music Video Rotation Placement

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Doug Diamond
Music Supervisor - Diamondigital Media

Engineer/Producer/Music Supervisor Doug Diamond provides music supervision services for films, television, advertising, corporate videos, web, and video games.

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Target Stores: Nationwide Music Video Rotation Placement
Get Your Music Video into rotation in Target Stores - playing in their Electronics Departments nationwide

Doug Diamond / Diamondigital Media is pitching select, high-quality independent music videos to be placed with Target as in-store entertainment. Music videos will be spun in the Electronics department in over 1,900 stores across North America. Content providers, alongside Diamondigital Media, includes Sony, Universal, Warner, BMG, Big Machine and various independent labels.

Singer-Songwriter, Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Indie/Progressive Rock, Christian, Country, Dance, Pop, R&B, clean Hip-Hop/Rap, Folk, Americana and all Family-Friendly content. Color and Black and White videos accepted. Animated videos accepted that showcase vibrant colors. No Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore Rap/Hip-Hop, or similar genres. We're only pitching songs that are upbeat, "lite" and have mass-appeal to a wide audience (remember, kids browse these areas of the store). If your song is 'dark and brooding', overly specific, or quirky, this is not the right opportunity for that, so it won't get selected (we have other opportunities where that can work though).

-Videos must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in television programming.
-No "lyric videos".
-Artists must own all copyrights (publishing, master recording, and all video rights).
-Please no uncleared samples or covers.
-Clean / Radio Edits Only. No Bad Language. Period.
-This is a non-exclusive license. No rights are signed. You are still free to pitch your music elsewhere.

Exposure in over 1,900 different physical in-store locations, on-screen chyron credit (where applicable) and royalties paid by the artist's P.R.O. (Performance Rights Organization).

Music videos submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by Doug Diamond. The videos which match the submission criteria will then be passed along to the Network Producers for approval into their rotation. If selected by the producers, Doug Diamond / Diamondigital Media will then provide the usage agreements and FTP upload information from the producer directly to the artist to complete the process and get the video into rotation. There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee.

-A YouTube or Vimeo link to your music video (for producers to stream).
-An HD Quality file of your video for FTP upload (if selected by producers for broadcast). -DO NOT email links, attach MP3 files, or share folders INSTEAD OF SUBMITTING VIA MUSICXRAY with Doug Diamond / Diamondigital Media. Those submissions WILL NOT be reviewed and WILL be ignored.
-Following the instructions above will be your first, best step in order to be considered.

- Doug Diamond - Music Supervisor - Diamondigital Media
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