"TheReal92HipHop" Looking For new (HipHop/R&B/Pop) music to fill Spring2018 slots!

Dj bangz2
Program Director - TheReal92HipHop

TheReal92HipHop is the innovative solution to record promotion for indie artist to get their music played to over 200,000 real listeners across the country and music serviced by the top Dj's in the industry.

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"TheReal92HipHop" Looking For new (HipHop/R&B/Pop) music to fill Spring2018 slots!
Looking for new music (HipHop/PoP/R&B) to add to our Spring2018 playlist. If selected you will be directed to site to process your music which will be placed in rotation for 16 weeks and can be tracked via digitalradiotracker.com or warmmusic.net. Our high traffic station is digitally monitored and streams are counted. Your song and twitter profile will be tweeted out for 1 week plus Instagram and Facebook NewHeat postings.

- DjBangz - Program Director - TheReal92HipHop

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online, Satellite
Radio Format: Urban
Similar Sounding Artists: Drake, 21 Savage, SZA, Nipsey Hustle, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Lil Pump, Jay-Z,Tank, Chris Brown
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