Punk Rock Demonstration Radio

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Jack Low
Owner - Punk Rock Demonstration

I own and operate Punk Rock Demonstration Radio

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Punk Rock Demonstration Radio
Accepting punk, punk rock, or anything that sounds like punk or punk rock for radio airplay on Punk Rock Demonstration radio.

The Punk Rock Demonstration Radio Show features music and interviews of punk rock bands. What makes the show special is that it features bands that are not well known, but may not have had a chance to show themselves to the punk rock community as well as interviews of legendary punk rock bands. The music and bands on the show range from punk rock legends to soon to be the next big thing. The best thing about the show is that I run the radio station which isn't FCC regulated so people can hear how the music should be and whatever the bands say are uncensored.

- Jack Low - Owner - Punk Rock Demonstration

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
Similar Sounding Artists: exploited, casualties, briggs, starving wolves, krum bums, lower class brats, oxymoron, tower blocks, generators, resist, defiance, bad engrish, violent affair
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