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Song to Opportunity (S2O) Matching

Music Xray has an application called Song to Opportunity Matching or S2O. It's free and easy to use and it allows you to find opportunities for your music.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is that it turns your songs into opportunity magnets.

Maybe it's the match.com for songs and opportunities to find each other.

Maybe it's the Pandora for A&R...

In short, upload songs for free into our database and we'll alert you each time an industry professional is seeking a song like yours for a specific opportunity. The more songs you upload into our system the more S2O alerts you are likely to receive.

Here's how it works:

Some of the hundreds of industry professionals who use Music Xray to find songs and acts have given us "seed" songs; i.e. songs that have a similar style and sound to those they would like to receive from submitters. Music Xray uses computers to analyze the acoustic properties and underlying mathematical patterns of the "seed" songs and compares them to those found in songs uploaded by artists, songwriters and other song rights holders. Music Xray then alerts the song owners when a match is detected.


If you receive an S2O alert it does not mean that your song has been chosen for an opportunity nor that it has even been submitted for consideration. It simply means that Music Xray has detected that there is an acoustic match between your song and the musical characteristics an industry professional is seeking. It is up to you to act on that information by submitting your song.

S2O Matching is meant to increase the chances of your song ultimately being selected but it is not a guarantee. Despite receiving an S2O alert, your song will not be considered for the opportunity in question unless you submit it.

There remain many industry professionals on the site (in fact, the majority of them) who do not use S2O to match songs with their opportunities so browsing the site, subscribing to our free email opportunity alerts and continuing to search for opportunities that might be appropriate for your music is still the best way to use the Music Xray platform.

What should you do when you receive an S2O alert?

Click on the opportunity link in the email you received. Read the opportunity. If your song continues to seem like a good fit you should consider submitting it.

How do you get started?

Click here to begin uploading your songs for free.

How long does it take to start receiving S2O alerts after you upload songs?

Usually no more than a couple days assuming there are matches. If there are no matches it could take an indefinite amount of time since you will not be alerted until there is a match. Industry professionals will be adding new opportunities every day so sooner or later it's likely that you will receive an S2O alert.