I'm A Hater | Jus G

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A rising star, from the mean streets of Scarborough, Canada ~ Strongly inspired by his younger brothers creativity of making beats on his keyboard, Grynch was influenced to create his own music, making beats and rapping, which birth evolutions of Gyrnch's rap career; now known as "Jus G". Though tough times and tragedy plagued "Jus G's" life, he has found a way to express his life, anger, and love. Combining these experiences with his unique flavour and "G" swag, came songs like "Northside Grammer", "Crow Clubbin", "Fresh Cut Ice", and Jus G's anticipated release of "Why Turn Back", all on his own beats!

Jus G's approach to the music game is confident and laidback, expressed through his beats and lyrics combined with his versatile flow, he will have you pondering and bouncing your head at the same time.

Over all Jus G's drive for determination and accomplishments, will always keep the flame burning that his younger brother "Crow" started as children! You can find Jus G in the studio making beats for him and friends. You can say he is a workaholic, but that paid off.. as he has appeared on various 43rd Entertainment Mix Tapes and various performances in Toronto.

Jus G is representing Rap and Hip Hop for his hood and beyond, bringing the reality of life, to you and yours. 2011, all about Rising to the TOP!