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About the artist

EIGHTFOURSEVEN'S second full-length album LOSSLESS fuses flourishes of electronica with warm organic rock for a sound that's as ponderous as it is pacifying. Ever since their emergence in 2002, the Sacramento quartet have been following a local tradition of not only "thinking outside the box," but musically rebuilding the box itself. The NorCal town has fostered a legacy of truly alternative music—most notably Deftones and Far—and EIGHTFOURSEVEN proudly continue that tradition blending dark electronic textures a la Portishead with an undeniable sense of melody reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins. The band has played alongside everyone from Dredg and Auf Der Maur to Will Haven and the START and will be on the road constantly in support of LOSSLESS.


All day. All day long. All day. All day long