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Space Weirdo: tin tunes from the galaxy

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Welcome, it's time for pleasure,
Forget your worries and come along.
We've got the mighty poems,
The fulminations, the magic songs.

Come ride the roller coasters,
Come seek the treasures and fight the foes.
But if you want excitement
Wait 'till you see the star of our show.

Oooh, Arlecchina!

She's formless, she's tall and thin and short and fat.
She's great fun, she'll mock you dead and crack you up.
She's playful, she juggles hearts as well as balls.
She knows how; it's not the power, it's the control.

Oooh, Arlecchina!

Oooh, Arlecchina, we can't forget that you're the devil's bride.
Oooh, Arlechinna, you don't play fair, you take all the sides.
Oooh, Arlecchina, you can no longer tell real life from role.
Oooh, Arlecchina, you're the stock character that breaks the mold.