Love Comes Knocking | TB Young And The PC Band

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When love come a knocking,at your door,
Don't be afraid to answer,and see what's in store,
You might be surprised,at what you find,
It might be your fate,to leave the past behind,
But don't jump the gun,just take your time,
Weigh all your options,your still in your prime,
Take all the time you want,it ain't no crime,
There ain't no hurry,it could be a long climb,
And if you find,this is the one for you,
You have to be sure,so you won't be blue,
Cause if you get it wrong,its a mess your into,
Your in the rite isle,but the wrong pew,
And when your walking down,that isle with her,
You'll feel like you were sick,and she is the cure,
You'll find out later,who runs the show,
Who is the leader,and who is in tow,
There are a few rules,you need to know,
Number one is the LOOK,its your biggest foe,
And so your relationship,does not fiz,
Remember,if Momma ain't happy,nobody is,
As long as you realize,where you stand,
You won't get that LOOK,and everything is grand,
Try and keep her happy,and she won't shake her fist,
And you will surely be,at the top of her list,
And when you come to grips,with your situation,
You will realize,the order of creation,
Woman is first,then comes man,
When you know this,your tuned to the right station,