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The first time that you meet BLOND:ISH, they will most likely catch you off-guard by proving that they do not fit the quintessential blonde stereotype. Yes, Canada’s Vivie-Ann and Anstascia are both blond(ish), and yes, they love to party. Do not make the mistake, however, of confusing their love for fun as a lack of ambition: these girls play hard but work even harder.

Conceived at the WMC in 2008, the girls joined forces with a mutual aim to rejuvenate their local scene. Kicking off to a flying start, BLOND:ISH began with a hugely successful eponymous weekly party at Cherry in Montréal. Soon enough the girls had hijacked their local scene with their weekly offerings of hedonism and quality house music and, realising the potential of their newly founded collaboration, decided to take BLOND:ISH global.

In just two years they have established themselves as global performers, playing in over 30 countries in clubs such as Watergate, Privilege Buzios Brazil, Liv Miami, Rain Vegas, numerous Pachas, the WMC and BPM conference. The girls have been billed alongside Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, Victor Calderone, swedish house mafia, Tiesto and M.A.N.D.Y., and have played to packed out arenas of ten thousand strong crowds, a sure testament to their talent, versatility and success.

Combining accomplished DJing with their innate sense of fun, BLOND:ISH have earned a reputation for excellent and unpredictable parties. You will likely see them getting creative with their attire, or using any number of toys and props, from eye patches to miniature rubber chickens, to interact with the crowd. These qualities have gained them a multitude of admirers (known as their Blond:tourage) both in- and outside of the club scene. 2010 saw them cast in television show, 12 Hours. Travelling around the world hand-picking and presenting the most respected clubs, hotels and restaurants all packed into a 12 hour period, Vivie-Ann and Anstascia were in their element. The pilot was picked up by, the world’s most viewed online men’s magazine, and will air in autumn 2010, adding yet another tally to the BLOND:ISH scoreboard of success.

Based in London since spring of 2010, the blond:ishment of the international scene has taken off with tour dates across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. On the production end -- their sun-soaked remix of Coco Hayek's 'Miss you' (Hi-bias Records, Nov 2010) has been sitting comfortably in the official UK Club Charts for 5 weeks now, currently at #16. As well as their 3 track; NOBODY is PERFECT EP (London Music Oct 2010) with remixes by Luca M, Luis Sastre and Mikel Curcio - 'Tearin Tina' - a collaboration with Juan Kidd (God Save the Scene Nov 2010) , and about 10 other remixes and originals being released in early 2011.

The girls are set to garner more praise and credentials over the coming months. This creatively distinctive duo capture the hearts and minds of anyone who has the pleasure to see them perform. Their combination of ability and personality make BLOND:ISH the hottest collaboration around, injecting some much needed heat, fun and party spirit into the scene.