Kids in the Back | Eric Zero

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The second Eric Zero CD is four songs recorded by a full band; unlike singer-guitarist Eric Weissinger's earlier CD, Small Songs for Frightening Times. It's a distinctive mix of hard post-milleneal rock, 70s-inspired glam, cabaret and guitar pop. CD opener Kids in the Back has overtones of fist-pumping arena rock with with a layer of rabble-rousing post-punk, while Meat has a sarcastically sexy dance-rock vibe that's part dance floor and part 8-track player in a rusty Camaro. The Light in Her Eyes takes an unexpected turn with Latin percussion, piano, and even trumpets joining a tale of young backpacking love. Finally Fade Away closes things with an electronic pulse at once retro and modern leading to a muscular, stripped-down riff and thunderous conclusion. Recorded quickly and cheaply, then mixed by the legendary Oz Fritz (whose credits include Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Herbie Hancock, George Clinton, and Tom Waits) the four songs give a hint of the live energy of this band of veteran rockers who've combined to form a new band.