Firebird - Let You Go | Jon Aldersea & The Blueline 45

Liner notes

Written & Produced by Jon Aldersea
Lyrics & Vocal by Bocko

© License

About the artist

Jon Aldersea - Music Producer, Composer & Visual Artist

I have been active on a professional level in the media industry for around twenty two years, specialising in music, video, visual art, design and more recently motion graphics. I have worked on many projects with established clients, major record labels and broadcast companies. Over the years I have gained various film awards, festival screenings, media based recommendations and acknowledgments. I have filmed in the Middle East and in Europe. In 2007 I made a video style documentary diary of my time in the Southern States of America. In 1992 I directed and co-produced a music video for a chart topping act, reaching number three in the British charts and this was aired all over the world. From 1993 – October 2008 I ran a full digital and analogue recording studio in the grounds of the Trentham Garden’s Estate in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire