Sigo Viviendo | Nancy Ruth

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Para Ti is the latest release from this passionate vocalist/ songwriter who has spent her life living between Spain and Canada. Her musical influences are woven with the mystique of Moorish history and Mediterranean breezes. Nancy’s music is textured with the bustle of the plazas and small cafes of Latin America, the solitude of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, and the flamenco seeping out from patios in the labyrinth of Andalusian streets. 
A musical gypsy, Nancy has spent her life singing her way around the world in search of musical encounters. She's performed with composer Toño Robira in Panama, shared the stage with pianist Bob Albanese in New York, and spent a month as featured vocalist in the Palace of the Sultan of Brunei. She performed and recorded with WEA recording artists The Lovehunters in Singapore, and toured extensively in Europe where she recorded the Spanish album "Me Quedo" for the Dutch Home of Jazz label. Her adventures have found her collaborating with Berber and Arabic musicians in Morocco, and enjoying mucha juerga with Gitanos in Andalusia.

Currently based in Barcelona, she is actively touring in Europe with her Spanish-based band.