Shelter Me | Ellen M. Wilson

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About the artist

For longtime performer Ellen M. Wilson, this foray into Adult Contemporary music isn’t a new venture; but rather a return to her roots. The singer and songwriter penned songs as a teenaged rocker before heading off to study classical music in college. But a more recent series of seemingly unconnected events led her back to the music of her heart and soul.

After the release of a solo album, Ellen’s return course seemed set when, in 2010, she met producer and singer/songwriter, T.L. Brown. Discovering a musical connection that seemed to be heaven-sent (having been known to call Ellen with the news that he had received an idea for her in a dream), the team began collaborating on song writing.

The classically-trained college professor and the self-taught songwriter/producer may not seem the likeliest of pairs: but the Wilson/Brown songwriting partnership has created a sound that bridges generational and cultural chasms with the ease of old friends.

The album Destiny showcases the Wilson/Brown songwriting synergy that bridges musical styles, an ideal venue for Ellen’s vocal versatility. Ellen’s penchant for the lyrical is demonstrated in ballads such as Alone, but her willingness to rock out is shown in songs such as Rise and the rock anthem Shelter Me, the one song co-written with guitarist Armin Harrison.

When asked why people of all backgrounds were connecting to her songs, Ellen replied, “Everyone likes a song they can identify with. And T.L. and I decided to write songs for this album that talk about deeper truths and ideas that people need to hear at this time.”

This first joint album showcases the Wilson/Brown songwriting synergy while telling a song story, one that takes a journey of the soul, from separation through remembrance to wholeness.