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Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner Gene Paul and the team at G&J Audio. All instruments and vocals by Kevin Gullickson.

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About the artist

Kevin Gullickson started his work in the independent music industry with his first release of a 4-song EP which received radio play in his hometown of Rochester, MN. Shortly after, he followed up with a sin-gle which received radio play in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

Kevin traveled throughout Europe to develop his own sound and style which he later developed with a band The Blokes, which was an instant success in the Minneapolis/St Paul club scene including First Avenue. Kevin later moved to New York City where he continued writing, recording and playing the clubs as a solo musician. During the course of these years, Kevin had been contacted by 5 major record companies and 3 Grammy Award winning producers, expressing interest in his music.

In 2009 Kevin released RADIO DRIVE "Dream the Impossible". Songs from "Dream the Impossible" have been aired on college radio stations around the country and online stations around the world. In November of the same year, Kevin responded to a national song search for Sudan Hope, a humanitarian effort to help the people of Sudan. His song "One Life to Give" was chosen and he appeared at a Holly-wood fundraising event to sing this song live.

In 2010 Kevin released his second CD "Life Today" featuring 10 original songs. As with his first CD, Kevin plays all the instruments on this re-cording. Already in the first few weeks songs were played at online stations around the country making charts and featured artist spot.

June of 2011 Kevin finished his third CD “I Can See The World From Here”. Kevin worked with Gene Paul (Grammy Award winning son of legendary Les Paul) and his team at G&J Audio to mix and master the CD. Already the CD is being enthusiastically received with great reviews including a 5/5 star review from Muzik Reviews and online and indie radio play in the US, Canada and Europe.

March 2012 Kevin finished his fourth CD “This is Our Time” also mixed and mastered by Gene Paul and the team at G&J Audio. These songs are currently being sent to online radio and indie stations for airplay.

Biography Dated: March 2012


Life is for Living

Sitting on the sidelines watching the game
Waiting for the moment they call your name
You planned and prepared for this day
Tired of being a spectator it’s time to play

Life is for living
Living for growing
Growing for giving
Giving for love

The game can’t be played from the corner of your mind
You have to suit up and cross the line
You’re done hearing stories, it’s time to activate
Get your game on and participate

Life is for living
Living for growing
Growing for giving
Giving for love

Words & Music by Kevin Gullickson / Radio Drive c2012 (BMI)

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