Ballade: The Road To Highland | Ronald Alvin Kidd, Sr.

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Time Ornaments represents a cross section of the styles in which I compose. I am a formally trained composer as well as a full time piano tutor and create works is many styles. Chief among these is Classical-Rock fusion, Contemporary Classical, Contemporary Atonal, Metal Jazz, Funk-Classical Fusion and Bluegrass-Classical Fusion.

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Classically trained, I have lived the dream of a creative life. A day does not pass without composition, for I am compelled to write by a capricious, willful muse. My musical life started at the age of 14 with two epiphanies, one the sound of the french horn and two the Bach Inventions. Presently, besides composition, I own with my wife a small music school called Harmonies Music Studios with 12 educators on staff. I teach there as well as Woodward Academy, located in College Park, Georgia. My teaching career goes back to 1981 and I have taught full time since 1987. My tools of composition consist of Gigastudio 3, a hard drive sampler, a Proteus sound module and a digital grand. The notation/sequencer I use is Personal Composer for windows.