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Brand new eyes
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“Brand New Eyes” is a Broadjam TOP 10 song on the Classic Pop charts!
"Brand New Eyes" is a positive, inspirational anthem to changing your life by seeing through brand new eyes and seeing things in a better light. This song talks of a girl measuring her self worth by what she sees in magazines and how others treat her and realizes how unhappy this makes her. By seeing who she really is in a different way she is able to transcend any pain she experiences from her prior negative associations.
Sounds like Colby Caillat meets Taylor Swift

co-written with hit songwriters Hugh Colocott and Jimmy Santis of

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About the artist

Sandshifter Music was founded by multi-award winning Songwriter, Gail Vareilles, who frequently partners as a co-writer with hit "GLEE" Music Producer (and multiple Grammy-nominated Songwriter/Producer), Tommy Faragher. Gail has numerous professional licensing credits with many of her songs licensed to Film and TV(Gail is now a composer for Nickelodeon's megahit "Dora The Explorer"), iPhone apps, Video Games and also numerous Artist cuts. Recent projects include Writing and Producing for Pop/Reggae star Jovi Rockwell & American Idol’s Top 10 finalist Tim Urban, among others!

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"Brand New Eyes"
Written by Gail Vareilles/Hugh Colocott/Jimmy Santis

You turned my world a bitter blue
Your careless words cut right through
Like broken glass, you were so cold
Every day you found a new way
To show me that you really didn’t want me
But it’s ok

Yeah it’s alright
It’s time to make a change
And now I, see it all

With Brand New Eyes
Brand New Eyes
The worlds the same but it feels new
And all I had to do was see through
Brand New Eyes

I used to try to measure up
To girls I saw in magazines
and movie scenes
It wasn’t real
Now I don’t care what people say
It don’t matter much to me
I’m good enough
I’m ok

Yeah I’m alright
I finally made a change
And now I, see it all


Even in the darkest sky
I can see the stars that shine…

Chorus Out