Painting By Numbers (Through Closed Eyes) | Secret Secretaries

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Nic Burrose: vocals and guitar
Stellar Cassidy: drums
Travis Castner: bass and vocals
Ella Negra: guitar and vocals

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About the artist

When The Secret Secretaries formed in San Francisco during the Winter of 2009, they didn't start a band to start a band. They began writing music and words just for fun, hanging out and staying up late in all-night sing-along jam sessions with friends. They soon began gigging steadily and set out on tour in the Summer of 2011. They have been sowing the seeds of a growing conspiracy since. Sshhh...


last night i had a wallet full of dollar bills
but i burnt em all on pills n thrills n chills until i
saw you shine right through closed eyes

cut you up and kept the pieces in my pocket
you caught me in your locket and locked it and i
saw you shine right through closed eyes

i lost my shit, lost my shirt
in the dirt somewhere along the way
now i'm sitting on the street, trying not to think
trying to drink your face away

don't ask don't tell and know your place or so some say
but i'd rather be gay than let them set me straight
when i see you shine right through closed eyes