She's Hot | Written by: David McMullen & Ronnie James. Vocals: John Foster.

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'She's Hot' comes from 'The Fearless Five' trilogy of books written by David McMullen which are available from
'She's Hot' is an integral part of 'The Fearless Five' trilogy being the break through song for the fictional band within the books.

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About the artist

'She's Hot' was funded by David McMullen.
Wriiten by; David McMullen & Ronnie James.
Recorded at: Horizon Music studios Nashville.
Vocals: John Foster. John is a session musician (singer) at Horizon Music.


Can't say I know her all that well
but she's a really pretty girl
she turns all the boys heads
they're all wishin' she was theirs
she's an object of desire
she lights a boys fire.

She's hot
there ain't nothin' she ain't got
she's cool
she makes all the boys drool.
Long black hair
legs up to there - ooh yeah.
She's hot
I tell ya there ain't nothin' she ain't got
yeah she's cool
it's like see watch and drool.
Yeah she's hot
hot - hot - hot - hot - hot.

She's a myste-rious girl
a goddess from another world.
She has all the boys captivated
she's in their heads - she's in their dreams
she has everything it seems.
Big blue eyes
full lips
slinky curvasious hips.

Repeat Chorus:

Be warned
you may need shelter from the storm
stay clear
things get weird when she is near.
There's a cost
you may get burnt
you may get lost.

Repeat Chorus x 2:

(C) David McMullen 2011.