Voices in the Wind | Barbara With & Raeann Ruth

Liner notes

Raeann Ruth and I wrote this song for her after school program for girls at risk, Portage for Youth. We recorded it with the girls, and the hosted a singalong recording session, where we invited 100 of our closest friends and taught them the backup parts, harmony included, and recorded them onto the track. The result was that "Voices in the Wind" was a runner up in the John Lennon Songwriting contest in 2001.

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About the artist

BARBARA WITH is an award-winning composer and performer who got her start on the imfamous Minneapolis West Bank during the days of Dylan, Koettke and Kerner, Ray and Glover. She has won several Minnesota Music awards through the years: Best Female Soloist; Favorite Female Vocalist; the video of her song "Dancing on the Beach" won first place in the Northwest Cablevision music awards; her original acoustic trio, Les Amies, was picked one of Minneapolis Best Unsigned Bands in the Yamaha Ticketmaster Unsigned Band Contest; and the song she wrote for the Portage for Youth After School Program won finalist in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

She's opened for Tower of Power, Joan Armatrading, Tom Waits, Jerry Jeff Walker, Chuck Berry, to name a few. Throughout the years she has toured internationally as an original soloist, in duos and trios, with original rock & roll ensembles, and dance cover bands. She has recently taken up writing for the musical theater, and mentoring and producing children in songwriting.

Barbara is also an award-winning author, psychic and International Peace Activist currently on the third year of her world tour.


Voices in the wind, can you hear their cries?
Can a child be heard in a world of lies?
The message is both loud and clear
Why does it seem to fall on frozen ears

Voices in the wind can bridge the gap
We must learn to bring compassion back
Families must learn to heal
We must find a love that everybody can feel

Take my hand and follow me
To the place where we are free
To speak our minds, where you hear our words
To the place where the voices in the wind
Can still be heard

We will ask for nothing in return
Only that someday the world learn
Abuse and violence just bring pain
We got to stop the children's tears
They're falling down like rain


We have the power we've been looking for
Together we can change it all
We can take a chance
We can make a choice
We can take a risk
We can have it all