Come Back to Me | Ian Cathcart

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About the artist

Ian, playing guitar and harmonica, has been a local performer in the NY Metropolitan area for over 30 years. He has been writing for about 10 years and has recently completed a set of four songs about love.

Being versatile, Ian also plays bass and sings for 3 Man Acoustic Jam, a fine group of reprobates performing on the south shore of Long Island.

He also performs as the of other half of Footnotes, a duet act that performs in the NY Metropolitan area.

Ian's blisteringly fantastic harmonies will send you soaring! He will help you to trip back in time as effortlessly as snapping your fingers. His harmonies hearken us to remember those from The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel to Pink Floyd and Neil Young.
You don't want to miss out!

A personal note from the artist: I have brown hair, wavy eyes and make a point of not taking myself too seriously.

Ian's music can be purchased at or Facebook fan page for Ian Cathcart.


She might not be the homecoming queen, and you won't find her picture in Vogue Magazine.
Sometimes she's altogether, it's easy to see.
But then she's much more uncertain than I'll ever be.

Now she says she don't love me.
I'm just in her hair.
She wants to run from me but she doesn't know where.

I love her to pieces eternally.
And I'll die if she doesn't come back to me.

Well now lately she's been angry without a mean word to say.
She don't know what she wants but she wants it yesterday.
She's let a lack of direction start driving her mad.
She thinks her life's been worthless and it makes it her so sad.

If she'd let me I'd tell her it isn't so tough.
Everybody feels sometimes that their life ain't good enough.
We all cry when we feel that emptiness don't you see.
And I cry 'cause I know you won't come back to me.

I know I can be selfish and sometimes unkind
I never ask you about what's on your mind.
Now I beg you to stay, you say you must be free.

I'm so lonely if only you'd come back to me.
I'm so lonely if only you'd come back to me.