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Artist/songwriter/arranger/producer/model/actor Jewelzz Patrick has a new single called Fo'ever Feat. Elton Dublano which is creating a buzz around the nation with radio stations both internet and regular radio. Jewelzz Patrick has a smooth voice over a new-school soulful new sound that sets him apart from other artist; Jewelzz Patrick is humble young man that wants to introduce his music to the world.

Surprisingly I've been getting a huge response from radio and internet radio stations around the nation with rave reviews,, KCLAfm, 97.5FM, to name a few, my home town is Detroit born and raised, also Julius Clark aka Jewelzz Patrick was a sit in the movie the ‘Hang over’ in 2008 Jewelzz started off as an extra from the Anthony David casting they liked his look and talent so much, one of the scheduled regular acting sit in’s didn’t show up so they gave the spot to Jewelzz, he did a superb job. Jewelzz also was an TV anchor for a TV show called Bob the notary, as well as for a music entertainment show aired here in Las Vegas where he interviewed big name artist like ‘Miami Mike’ and ‘Soldier boy’ and various artist under Interscope records.


No 1ne lyrics<br/><br/> Verse<br/> Who loves you babe the way I do<br/> Who cares for you the way I do<br/> My love is true for you baby<br/> Taller than the highest mountain<br/> Deepest than the widest sea<br/> Chorus<br/> Oooo..ew girl no 1ne is gonna love you the way that I do<br/> Oooo..ew girl no 1ne is gonna love you the way I that do<br/> Chorus repeats two more times<br/> Verse 2<br/> No 1ne compares to the love I have for ya<br/> You’re my perfect picture I’m your frame I was made to fit ya<br/> You are the sun I am your moon<br/> My love is deeper than the universe<br/> You’re the only woman in my life that comes first…<br/> Chorus<br/> Repeats 4 times<br/> Bridge<br/> No 1ne N 1ne No 1ne… gonna love you… gonna love…yeah…yeah…<br/> You can search the world for my love you couldn’t find It nowhere….nowhere<br/> No 1ne………..<br/>Chorus Repeats out<br/>