Repressive | Deity's Muse

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Produced & Mixed by Deity's Muse & JP Destefani at B Sharp Studios, Benoni, South Africa

Wayne Boucher – Guitar, Vocals
Sashan Pillay – Drums
Alvin Boucher – Bass

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About the artist

Deity’s Muse is a groove-driven hard rock power trio from Johannesburg, South Africa heavily influenced by the sounds of Black Sabbath, Tool, Soundgarden, Mastodon, Karnivool and Alice in Chains. The band is an absolute juggernaught live and has appeared on every major South African rock festival stage including four ‘Woodstock’ festival appearances, two ‘Splashy Fen’ festival appearances as well as all five instalments of Johannesburg’s biggest one day metal/rock festival, ‘Seasons Wither’. Deity’s Muse have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with international bands such as Blind Guardian (GER) and Blindside (SWE). Though the band has been together since July 2001, the current lineup has only been together since 2009. Since May 2011, the band has lifted things up a massive notch by ditching day jobs and concentrating on Deity’s Muse full time by shopping for an international management deal. This band is not afraid of touring their asses off!


Question authority
Tear down the flags they fly
Shut your face and let us speak
Your Jesus is a lie

You're the victim no one can save
Took the pieces that set us free

Don't tell us who to be
When you've never walked this line
And when you have fallen down
How deep will your faith lie?

You're the victim no one can save
Took the pieces that set us free