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I wrote this song first for my EP 'Only You'. It, along with the title track, are songs about love. Love for anything or anybody that truly inspires and humbles you with the love that they give to you. We are very fortunate to be able to have these wonderful feelings and people in our lives.

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About the artist

Phil Common has shared stages with Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors and Sony Record's David Poe. His songs have taken numerous mentions and awards in national and international songwriting contests.

Born and raised in Manhattan, NYC. What time he wasn't playing ball in the streets was spent mostly on stage. Already performing for audiences at 8 years old Phil soon ended up playing at New York's famous CBGB club on a regular basis as well as working on the famous sound board there. Later he relocated to Chicago where he put Commonhaus together. With this unique hard edge pop band in place major label interest was quick to follow including Sony records and EMI.

Now back in his home town, Phil is playing and recording his solo works, releasing his third independent record in July of 2011.

Look for him and his records in NYC and online!

"It's all too easy to forget the piece you are of all of us." -phil common


i have tried in my way
to shut my mouth and hear
what it is you have to say

and i have done what i can
to leave the boy behind
and take your hand as a man

this feeling moving through me
has opened up my eyes
shown what i could not see

this feeling moving through me
has taken over
shown me who i want to be

and i am overcome

your love has mystified me
you see things in me
things that i just can't believe

you have mystified me
you reach inside of me
found the place where i am free

and i am overcome

when it's you i am always
next to you i am always

i will try in my way
to give you comfort
and keep the things you fear away

i will do what i can
to love you
and do my best to understand

for i am overcome