Fallen Angel remix | Jay Kaje

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Liner notes

This is a love song that i wrote back in the 90's. Friends and collaborators Ted Davis (guitars) and Ben Stackhouse (bass) helped me bring this to life in 2017.

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About the artist

Jay Kaje is an independent recording artist and songwriter.


Jet black hair dancing on your shoulders
Cool green eyes make me loose control
An angels form that seems so inviting
Conceals a bruised and wounded soul

Give your love to me my fallen angel.
Give your love to me I'll always be true.
Give your love to me my fallen angel.
And I'll be your fool. 2X

They say your love was cursed by another
The one who broke your heart in two
They say I'm a fool to try and reach you
But angel I don't think that's true

Repeat chorus

We could take it slow, until the demons in your soul
are exercised by loves pure cleansing light
If you take a chance your broken wings could fly again
and leave the pain and darkness far behind

Repeat chorus