The Home Of The Brave | MROZINSKI

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from "In The Search For Days Of Yore"
words and music by MROZINSKI
©2017 mrozinskimusic (ASCAP)
You say you're living in the home of the brave
No courage in you, bought and sold as a slave
O, pray to your savior to be worthy to save
Thinking you’re welcome in the home of the brave
Heroes before you, their lives freely they gave
Some for the glory and the rest for the grave
O, each special journey, each their road they did pave
Some reached the shoreline of the home of the brave
So, come to the sunlight, venture out of your cave
Come build your vessel, for your soul you must save
O, cast off the anchor, face great peril and wave
Pray God you make it to the home of the brave