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More notes to Ray: Way Raw Demo: Suggests 'something on this order' re: tracks. Meticulously crafted lyrics perfected, as always. The lyric demo herein was a quick run thru lyric test just before the studio gear took another hit... of lightning. And that's another story. It's too fast, but...suffice to give the gist for now.

The unfinished redo on the tracks is also available for a possible gist, but a total redo will be done when the song is picked up, open to collaboration on the tracks. Hear the 'tracks only' gist with Ted Tomiuk's screaming guitar solo at Gregor's Broadjam page: ~ scroll down past other highly awarded hits for The Tsekoombah in both lyric and instrumental versions, as well as another powerful story~song: Young Billy, directly under, lyrics perfected but tracks open to interpretation as well.

Young Billy offers another great video, traveling a map of the route designated in the song will be cool... contract the latest iPhone GPS technology with a 'look to the sun and wet finger in the wind' Billy used. We have a pic somewhere of the gravesite we found, but not sure it was the actual, and pics of Tully's Bar and Grill... it may still be there... etc. So production crews will have fun filming here as well as Sedona for The Tsekoombah. New and Different 4 U.

Either could work into a feature film... may... maybe... may have enough work for the entire album: Cowboyz n Injianz. Some already written may not be a perfect fit for the Aldean camp but ... can do some new, possibly, or rework the originals to fit. We feel his angst to break out... We're feeling the same needing to get to Sedona, and other issues, even though we love our Tarajories so much. It's a truly magical 'location.' Legendary Sacred Site and Grid Node with Legendary Healing Water. If you come to Her in a Sacred Way, She responds in a Sacred Way. Magical things really do happen here. And we have a fair share of it on film.

And we're also 'in the middle of nowhere,' and that's the way we like it, too, on our writer's paradise.

But! Way! Stunning story to say the least. Be sure to see the video link above for The Tsekoombah's link to for more of the 'story' from our work in process: The Stories of Tarajories.

Incredible... metamagical, unbelievably true and amazing stories from The Stories of Tarajories. See: funding required. Each unbelievably true and amazing story has a music work to go with but they don't seem to be playing... need html code updates. See: starkamp.html for the gist of the StarKid situation.

Also have a GREAT duet inspired by the beginning days of the whirlwind love-of-a-lifetime via Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood! Not quite as Raw Demo Available but not online. Ask about it!

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Gregor Rice has been playing and writing out the gate. Cute pic of a brilliantly talented, and beautiful, Mom [as was Dad] behind baby with hands close behind in case of fall. Not! Gregor's first composition was a hit in first grade music class.

With more awards than wall space, Gregor continues to create highly-awarded hits intermittently to date intending on that ultimate break into the serious business of music.


Note to Ray Hamilton: Your video advises to polish submissions first. Your info on the MXR op noted raw demos being OK. This being a 'something on this order' re: tracks demo. We have a few great works in that category; exceptional, outside the box, new and different for Jason Aldean... et al... and this one should floor you re: story content and meticulously crafted lyrics. We will work with your camp on the finished tracks once we find out how far outside the box you are willing to go, and still be commercial, of course. This demo has too much music... needs mainly drums, rattles, etc., then bring in instruments softly 1 at a time... A collaboration would be OK. People are screaming for the spiritual and mystical these days, and it's here in spades. But please see some of our better demos and masters, only a glimpse of our total catalogue, at the Broadjam site for the quality of work we're able to offer. Thanks.

The Tsekoombah

Just a baby of 9 when he went up on the Hill
And faced a horrible Snake comin' in for the kill.
He froze like Stone gettin' ready to run,
Then the Old Snake spoke, "What ya here for, son?"
He couldn't remember as he started to cry
In reply to the Snake, "I didn't come here to die!"
"Just think about it, boy," the Serpent said with a smirk
And went for his arm before the boy could... [jerk]
"Is it Thunder? Or the Lightning?"

"Your Grandpaws say you got the Medicine Heart
An' all the Aunties say they saw it right from the start.
You take my Medicine. I give it to you
With a Power for Healin' like a Strike from the Blue.
If'ya think you can make it only 3 more days
You will earn every Secret of the Ancient Ways.
Just sit here to soak up all the Legend and Lore
And take every bit of what ya come here for
The Lightning ~ Take the Thunder... Take it."

[suggest a long, mystical instrumental bridge under breathtaking, story-related visuals of Sedona, AZ.]

He came down from the Mountain with a streak of gray hair
But he learned how to Vanish clean into thin Air.
No matter what ails ya from the croup to the pox
He's got a little somethin' in his Medicine Box.
He'll cover your head with a Black Silk Scarf
And reach down to your guts 'til you wanna barf.
He'll blow that devil right out of your Soul.
Watch it ooze down the wall as he patches the hole
With Thunder ~ And his Lightning.

You don't call him 'Shaman' or a 'Medicine Man'
Just a 'Tsekoombah' from the Promised Land.
He'll mend your bones with the Song of his Flute
Or boil up a Brew made of Arrowroot.
The Elements serve him at the Wave of his Hand
And he brings back the dead with a pinch of Red Sand.
He calls Gome~Kia with a couple of Smokes
And they Danse Pondaw in their Rainbow Cloaks
Of Thunder ~ And Their Lightning.

[Faint mystical BG vocals & Long Instrumental Ending filmed in beautiful Sedona, AZ:
Whispy BG girls: :Bullet in the face @ Wounded Knee" -
The Tsekoombah: "I can See ya comin' but ya can't See me, haw ne, haw naw..." w/heavy reverb or special FX]

WAY RAW PRE-DEMO ONLY: suggest 3 vocals; The StoryTeller, The Snake & The Tsekoombah ~ & long, mysterious instrumental interlude in midst, shots of ceremony, drumming, Dancing, mysterious Lights in the night sky... and similar ending. Suggest % donation to Indian Children's Funds... optional.

(c) 1999~2017 Gregor Rice ~ 260-495-3211 after 12n or preferred

Notes: This Story is the absolute truth as told by The Tsekoombah himself to the master storyteller, Gregor Rice, same being the experiencer of The Tsekoombah's power, as well as including Gregor's personal experience therein. The Tsekoombah worked his healing magic on Gregor a number of times. Gregor could literally feel his energy hit like a bolt of Lightning! He also pulled a black vein out from behind Gregor's ear with a 'Yellow-Hammer' [bird feather] without breaking the skin, with witness Evan R. Rice stunned in astonishment. WISH we'd have video taped the whole thing. Gregor has new ideas for the tracks now and is open to collaboration on the tracks as well. LogicX DAW with remainder in process.

Please See : for more info, photo of The Tsekoombah, more of the story, related links, including a hidden link to The Nubbin... Did you find it? maze of interactive web delight in process. Funding required.

All excerpts from The Stories of Tarajories also available for production:

Includes 10-page spect script and all songs from Black & Bluzae. See: ufoohdk2.html and others given the songs play. Webmaster needs to update the html codes... rather busy with this...

Also have a GREAT sultry, sexy duet inspired by the beginning days of the whirlwind love-of-a-lifetime via Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood! Ask about it!