You Make Me Smile | ChrisStaudt

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  1. Breathe New Life (2:41)
    2. I Need You (3:23)
    3. Overflow (3:41)
    4. Here with Me (3:03)
    5. In the Garden (4:14) by C. Austin Miles and Christian Staudt
    6. In You I Remain (4:03)
    7. Safe Place (Psalm 91) (3:31)
    8. Like the Rains (4:16)
    9. Eye of the Storm (2:49)
    10. Perfectly Loved (2:23)
    11. Waterfall (3:04)
    12. You Make Me Smile (3:05)
    Bonus: Wonderful Peace (4:26) by WD Cornell and WG Cooper
    All songs written by Christian Staudt except where noted. All vocals, instruments, and MIDI programming by Christian Staudt except “I Need You” and “Like the Rains” lead vocals by Doris Dady, and “Perfectly Loved” bass by Bryan Staudt, drums by Jay Staudt, guitar by Matt Wilbur, and synths by Pete Schoenhoff. Recorded at Studio-Ondesq in Warrenton, Virginia, USA.
    © (P) 2016 G. Christian Staudt
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  1. I bring You all my needs; You hear my cry.
    I know You'll meet each need from Your supply.
    I don't know when or how, but I believe right now,
    So even now I can enjoy the ride.
    You make me smile, You make me sing,
    You fill me up with every joyful thing.
    You hold my hand through every trial;
    You give me life, my Lord; You make me smile.
    2. It took a mighty strength to part that sea;
    You did an even greater work in me.
    You made my eyelids part and opened up my heart
    To all that I was ever meant to be!
    Sometimes a darkness whispers in my ear...
    And I can almost taste the dread and doubt and fear...
    But then I look to You; } like light, Your peace shines through
    And makes the darkness disappear.
    You make me smile, You make me sing,
    You make me live to glorify my king.
    Why am I dancing like a child?
    Because of You, my Lord. You make me smile.