From Lehman to HandyMan - Death of the Sell Side | Car Warming Party

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About the artist

This is in essence, a deep house track, but I have added a little UKG vibe to the tune by including several dimensions to the tops and a lighter and bouncier baseline in the chorus.

The track starts with quite a minimal feel with piano stab and heavily edited distorted drum loop, before the cymbal and breaky drums kick in. The track then moves into a far more deep and melodic but still quite atmospheric sound notwithstanding the rather UKG framework. The sample of Kenny explains how his career has gone from high flyer to not so high class handyman.

The Chorus is a much lighter and baseline much bouncier to reflect a heavier skew towards UKG than deep house for that portion of the tune. I though the contrast between the very dark sample of Kenny versus the uplifting sound worked quite well.

The samples I used were of P. J. Byrne who plays Kenny Sommerfeld in the 2011 black comedy Horrible Bosses. Kenny Sommerfeld a former highflying investment banker at Lehman brothers has gone from making the high six figures to giving handies for $40 in the men’s room of a bar. The sample used in the track sums up my view that the sell side is well and truly dead.....

Horrible Bosses - New Line Cinema, Rat Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures 2011.