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Think of Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott fused with some Sexiness, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk & Afro-Beat – Definition of Shady Blue.
Multi award-winning artist - Singer-songwriter Shady Blue is one of the hottest new talents to emerge from the London music scene. Her unique vocal style blends the best of Soul/R&B/Jazz and Afro (her native African sound) forming music that will truly inspire a generation. She teams up with various producers and songwriters to create a new unique sound – Afro-centric Soulful Jazz.
Shady Blue has been compared to a diverse range of artists, from Anita Baker to Sade Adu, From Jill Scott to Eryka Badu, from Norah Jones to Dido, from Alicia Keys to Rhian Benson to Viviene Green.
Shady was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa to a Nigerian – Yoruba father and bi-racial half Ghanaian and half English mother and moved to London as a teenager. She was influenced by her father’s music during her early years, a renowned jazz musician /producer in Nigeria & Atlanta. At the tender age of six (6) Shady started to sing at her local church, when 8, became lead singer of the church choir, delivered exceptional three part-harmonies and captured audiences with her soothing voice/ wide vocal range (Alto, soprano and tenor).
Shady Blue is not only a talented vocalist, but also writes, co-produces and arranges her music with instrumentation alongside producers.
With her sultry looks, unique style, infectious charm and hard work, she is destined to become one of the biggest stars emerging from the UK music scene.