Back To The Blues Jam | Ted Lehman

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Liner notes

This is the second song to be mixed and completed from the MP3 Allstars Covina Sessions April 2015 in California. We all went to a back room with nothing but acoustic instruments and gathered around microphones to record this wholesome blues number, written by Ted Lehman LIVE in the studio....Patti Sterling and Ted Lehman on lead vocals, Marla Wilke backup vocals, Edison Freeman on bass, Cliff Houck slide guitar, Kevin Paul (guitar) and John Cohmer blues harp...... what a fantastic day...

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About the artist

Ted is a member of The MP3 Blues Allstars is a group of talented, dedicated, international, Blues musicians, who met at in 1998. They began a tradition of working in cyberspace to create new Blues recordings and have gotten together on a semi-regular basis to make new recordings in the real world.


Back to the Blues
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © Copyright 2012

I'm feeling down and dirty
I want to hang my head and cry
I'm needin' my prescription
to ease my troubled mind

Can't ignore what I'm feelin'
that would make me a fool
there's only one solution
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

this life that I am living
is filled with shades of gray
Every lesson in my life
I learned the hard way

I'm standin' at the crossroads
which way will I choose
goin' 80 miles an hour
Gonna' Get Back to the Blues

feelin' bad can feel so good
feelin wrong can feel so right
feelin' sad aint always bad
gets me thru the night

there's 3 sides to every story
yours, mine and the truth
there's an answer to my question
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

bottom line feelin' fine
aint all it's cracked up to be
cause feeling blue, can get you thru
it's always worked for me
gonna let myself go, don't you know
time to set myself free
getting myself back to the blues
is where I wanna be

Gotta' Get Back to the Blues
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

That's where I wanna be